CycleX farmland has been a gathering node for farmers and artists since 1997. From year 2010 to 2014, we solicited season-based residency projects based on the theme, "FUTURE SEEDS". The initiative derived from our farming exchange and research in bio-electronic media art, further connecting code and data processing with algorithms of seeding and growth. Through sensing, cultivating and communicating with soil, fields, seeds, plants, and animals via electronic means and devices, FUTURE SEEDS sought systematic investigation into current bio-media work. The residency promoted sustainable living/working environment for artists who engaged in farming activities along with their media projects. Collaboration was made with medialab EYEBEAM in New York City in 2010.

Selected residency projects
2010 - Hernani Dias [refarm the city]
2010 - Stefani Bardin [The Pharmacology of Taste]
2012 - Serena Reed [cycle crop rotation]
2013-2014 - Misty Sol & family [little myrtles permaculture]