CycleX is a self-organized residency project which invites artists/farmers/fieldworkers/techno-ecologists for a six month cycle of make art / make farm residence. Located on 21 acres farm land within Catskill Mountain region in upstate New York, CycleX designates its green field for sustainable living and cross platform collaboration, further connecting and networking farmers and artists across city/rural, state and nation border.

On andes' land, we offer accommodation/utilities/workspaces/farmland/broadband wifi. We have farm exchange program with local farmers. We can consider specific projects with specific needs. It is a living/farming/making residency, creating collective work space in the open fields. We accept proposals during the whole year. A cycle of residency lasts for 6 month (April-October)

Submit a proposal with a PDF (max.10mb) stating
(1)your contact information and references
(2)your research/interested area
(3)your art work sample (website only)
(4)residency proposal - a general theme or a specific project.

Proposal submission: